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Niki Sanders was a former casino worker in Las Vegas. After the events at Kirby Plaza, Niki worked as an agent of the Company and was infected with the Shanti virus.

She was raising her son, Micah, alone because her husband D. As the virus progressed, Niki returned to New Orleans to stay with Micah.

“In Mocospace, those people aren’t gathering friends there. It’s not a site designed for children, but children are logging on and predators are finding them. A lot of them have gang affiliations, the 'thug-mentality' as I call it. They’re always talking about rape scenarios and things like that,” he said. 7NEWS was there as Harris, with help from Gilpin County Sheriff’s Sgt.

Within seconds of logging onto Mocospace, 7NEWS found chat rooms full of offensive language, talk about drugs and people soliciting sexual acts. Troy Hendricks, arrested 28-year-old Jason Fluet, who Harris met on the site.

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