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My father said – “Son, you can make money whenever you want but you won’t be able to learn later. I myself could not study further an had to take up a job at 18, so I can feed a family of 10 people, my brothers, sister, parents. We will somehow manage it, just do your thing” The year was 2008. Worked like a dog on that and generated $40,000 in two years ( For the curious and those who doubt my story in comments – I didn’t raise it from a single website. This is to ensure I have multiple ways of generating money online, should the main site crashes.

My monthly expenses were 900-1500 Rs (this includes food) . The site did suffer a major blow but by that time I had solidified my basement.) Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.

If you want to find musics, simply change the last part Here’s the PDF version for easy reference.

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Your boyfriend offers to cover the rent for a while. You have $159 in the bank and your car payment and your maxed out credit cards and you’ll die before you ask your dad for a loan again and it all equals one thought: “It’s ok,” you hear your voice saying. He seems so sorry, cries, even, so that night you lie down in the same bed.