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“I personally was definitely shocked that it ended as it did,” Jackie said on the conference call. I thought this was something that had potential forever, but you know, with every relationship, nothing is maybe exactly perfect.

“But it’s a hard pill to swallow when you find love, especially on a show like that where it’s so unusual, and it leaves you. While Jackie and Ames may have been the most notable losses from Monday’s “Bachelor Pad,” Ames wasn’t the only contestant to voluntarily walk off the show.

Chris Harrison: No, that was the most forgone conclusion.

[Blakeley and Chris] really just disliked each other and you'll see at next week's finale they still dislike each other. 's Chris Harrison: Ed makes every situation worse I actually think Blakeley and Tony make a great couple. I even say it next week that, with all the tattoos and tough talk, she's really just vulnerable and wants someone honest, protective, and who will take care of her.

That's what he is, and they're really perfect together.