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The author quotes a member of the clan, Douglas Kennedy, describing Cuomo as “looking disgusted” as the Kennedys gloried in a night of singing in which he refused to take part.

“The Contender” also quotes Doug Kennedy calling Cuomo a suspicious “bully” who interpreted any attempt at Kennedy family graciousness as either weak or “political.” Even as they were lauded as a glamorous Washington power couple — Cuomo was then-President Bill Clinton’s housing secretary, and Kennedy was pursuing her human-rights advocacy — the pair had “little in the way of fun” with each other at home, according to the bio.

Appreciative as they were of candor, the pre-proposal talk struck them as odd.

” Some of the journalists were acquaintances at best.

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    And the way it manifests is by not judging, and in many cases not even really noticing, interracial couples.

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