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We met via Tinder while I was in Munich over Easter weekend. Granted you don’t get out as clean as you do with your residual phase and you have scars, but you’re better once it heals,” he answered. It’s the one thing that anyone who values love is looking for.The city was lively, but quiet as the state of Bavaria is highly religious. I’m on the hunt for a special type of train--- a magic train. They one that would carry me away to a place so full of magic and wonder, that there could be no doubt that this is path I’m supposed to take.The Definition and the Plan Book Speed Dating, as a program, provides readers with multiple rounds of five minutes each to explore and read from a selection of books in a variety of genres.

Not much was open save for a few of the more international clubs and the sultriest of clubs. You get to ask all the painful questions you might still be harboring from the relationship. Love is its own type of magic after all and until it arrives at the platform I’ll be content waiting, trunk and owl to boot.

We never actually physically met which I thought was due to the fact that, being Catholic, he was spending the weekend with his family. “A little, but you know when you break up with someone you aren’t really broken up with for another week or so. You can see the scars on the other person and know you’re not hurting alone. I wouldn’t have been so down and out over Bryon if I had this phase,” I said solemnly. Dating again after a break-up Comparing different types of dudes to trains and train stops Different city trains (chaotic organization like NYC or subtle complexity of Atlanta) Train wreck= Niko Platform 9 & ¾ = guy I haven’t met yet Commercial train= dating multiple guys other than me (Robin) Missed train= Jean Bullet Train= Donny Handcar= Something is there and you both put in effort but someone gets weak and stops leaving the other to over exert themselves.

Upon arrival, women are presented with a single red rose and men with that very German delicacy, a pretzel - maybe not sexy but heart-shaped. It's the second year running that German train operator Deutsche Bahn has staged the free event.

And Berliners were not the only ones enjoying its hospitality.

Although the rules never really change, it’s always a shock to deal with the eccentric varieties that come your way.