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PLEASE READ this press release from the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network. Read More Download this list of common corn-based ingredients and products: Corn Products & Derivatives.

Ottawa – August 7, 2017 – Aqua Bounty revealed on August 4, in its quarterly financial results, that it has sold approximately five tonnes of genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) Atlantic salmon fillets in Canada.(1) This is the world’s first sale of GM fish for human… On April 18, 2017, San Juan Capistrano became the second city in Orange County, California to adopt an organics-first policy to control weeds and pests in parks and open spaces following the lead of Irvine. More than 50 percent of the typical American diet is derived from corn.

If I had something to say, my thumbs were my guide.

Nowadays, I’ve changed my texting ways, and actually prefer an actual phone call.

From how much sex we have to when we choose to get married, it's more apt to say that today's approach to relationships in general has shifted considerably from the days when your mom and dad were just getting to know each other.1. It wasn't until this past decade that the majority of Americans believed sex before marriage wasn't wrong.