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It's something very intimate, very private." Bellucci: "Acting is not words." Bellucci: "I'm not scared of nudity, because for me, nothing is more beautiful than a body. If you've gotta think about being cool, you ain't cool." Richards: "For myself and Mick songwriting is a matter of, almost, necessity." Richards: " Mick and I are still great friends and still want to work together.

Aimee Hurt, director of operations for Working Dogs For Conservation, with the aid of Lily demonstrates a dog's ability to sniff out invasive zebra mussels and their microscopic larvae that can hitch rides on boats that travel from lake to lake.

The demonstration at the Toyota Texas Fest in Frisco other the week was aimed at recruiting boaters' help in stopping the spread by keeping their boats clean, drained, and dry.

Grant: "I did not rejoice at the downfall of the South who had fought so long and valiantly, and had suffered so much for a cause, though that cause was, I believe, one of the worst for which a people ever fought.

Royal, son of Charles and Diana, brother of William Harry: "Wherever you are, different places, different people - you've just got to roll with." On visiting Britain's Caribbean dominions along with Elizabeth II : Harry: "It tripped me up because to me, she.

I'd just hate to be a thing." Mick Jagger : "I'm not sure why, but I identify with her." isfp Britney Spears Singer, dated Justin Timberlake Spears: "I don't like defining myself.