Updating games for ps3 liquidating ccaa

Tried to go to support site for this, and the support site is having issues. Now that I got one, Spartacus Legends won't let me play. Tell them my user online Id and maybe they can reference back to how they resolved the updating freeze on my account. You may be on hold for a while but it's ubi so it should already be expected. As soon as we have new information we'll let you know. I was checking my hdd on my ps3 for any save game data for the game and didn't see any at all. Once it's replicated, we then have to work on how to fix it.

Sorry for the frustration -- recreating an issue can take some time, but we are definitely working hard on it.

The new update will make it possible for subscribers of the PS Now service to play PS4 games across their computers and Play Station 4 devices.

Sony said that it should be possible for people to “start a game on PS4 and continue playing on another PS4 or even a Windows PC (or vice versa).”However, Sony did not reveal which PS4 games will be available once the new update comes online.

Well, whatever the case, if you're still rocking a 12GB hard drive you'll need to upgrade, pronto.