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In 2017 bracht hij zijn debuutsingle "Sign of the Times" uit.

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She'd called him a nub and shook her head over what a nerd he was, worrying about getting a B. He loved his mother, no matter how annoying she was. (Well, except for the time one of her mom's boyfriends had felt her tits when her mom wasn't home. Now, here's something that Sam was completely and utterly humiliated over.

"I got an F on my history test, you don't see me complaining," she'd said. He was a gentleman, which was something Sam had never even known was possible before she'd met Freddie. He had really nice hair, and his eyes were nice and his laugh was really infectious . Although, that could've been considered violent.) As much as she enjoyed the hug, she couldn't let Freddie think that she enjoyed it or anything. When Freddie's mom started spending all of her time with Lewbert, Sam found it hilarious how upset Freddie was. Right before she had pantsed him, Freddie had bragged to Carly and Sam that he'd slept naked because his mother wasn't around.

I’m so excited for the opportunity to stretch myself on both sides of the camera.

This week was very challenging but with the help of an immensely supportive cast and crew, I think we made a great show.

Styles begon op vroege leeftijd al met een muzikale carrière. De band won een lokale competitie, genaamd Battle of the Bands.