Gibson dating project

Gibson needs photos and the serial# for a proper ID.Guitar Dater is a just one tool you can use to see if the serial number be valid.If you had a listing which was for an active service, you will need to resubmit it - please do so at your leisure. We recommend as a fast and free alternative if you still need third-party hosting, but even better, you can always use the 'Manage Attachments' feature when you post to upload your pics directly to our servers.

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The idea was to make a "multi-sound system" under a very tight budget.

The popularity of the L6-S gradually dropped after 1974, despite high-profile endorsements from the likes of Al Di Meola and Carlos Santana.

I want to verify the year of manufacture, whether it has a 60's neck and the color. Go to the Gibson site, and decipher it yourself, or call them. Necro answer - The Guitar Dater is merely a decoder that works by using known serial number formats and decoding them for you.

It's frequently not up to date on serial changes.

Beware of third-party sites that DO have forms as in the past scammers have used them to "prove" the authenticity of counterfeits they have been trying to shift.