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When I tried to explain all of this to a friend, I sobbed, and he said, "I know an Internet dating coach.

Maybe she can help."I phoned the expert, and to my surprise, she came right over. "We have to do something about that profile picture.""It was taken for an article I wrote for Variety! As she snapped a new photo with her phone, she explained, "You look like a dominatrix in that picture.

Please schedule a time for us to speak on the phone.

No matter how many issues come up or how many problems need to be solved- just email Dr.

That last tutorial on psychophysiological interactions - all thirteen minutes of it - may have been a little too much to digest in one sitting.

Most clients require between 3 and 6 coaching sessions to achieve their desired goals, but we can discuss an approach unique to your situation and how best we can achieve your goals.

Before the initial meeting I will ask you to complete and return a confidential background history that we will go over during the first meeting.

It is helpful for me as your future coach to know why you are seeking my coaching assistance at this time.