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After doing a little research I found out that spray painting the crib was a viable option, and since I was 25 weeks pregnant, III got to work!

Yall, it was so hard to sit back and let someone else do the DIYing!

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Amazon generally offers the lowest prices, tends to have reviews on all their products, and has blazing fast shipping. I didn’t register at any of the big box baby stores because I hate buying things at full retail when I know I can get it cheaper online. Amazon offers free two-day shipping for Prime members.

Non-Prime members still receive free shipping but only on orders over $49. Unless your friends and family have been living in a cave, they’ve heard of Amazon.

Both he and the older girl are now in the care of the county Department of Social Services.

A nearby homeowner reported his house was broken into and claimed gold bullion, a vacuum cleaner, a passport, $2,000 in cash and other items had been stolen, according to a police report.

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