Trial separation dating

A trusted mutual friend could have collected his post every week, or be his post restante.

When my husband-to-be (although he didn't know that at the time) decided that he needed space to sort himself out by going to Canada for six months, I responded by not ringing or writing at all.

The very notion of "taking a break" from the one you love is often times misinterpreted as a somewhat cowardly way of ending the relationship without stating so bluntly for public consumption.

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Brian's been living with his girlfriend for three years, but things haven't been going well, despite lots of talking. He worries that once they split, they'll never get back together. A "trial" anything is usually a trial in every nuance of the word.

You accept them for free for three months and then, blow me, you forget to cancel the standing order and get yourself lumbered with some ghastly consumer magazine for the rest of the year.

For Jenny and Phil Wright it was the slow descent into silence that precipitated their trial ­separation.

Jenny and her ­husband had simply ceased to communicate, so she packed her bags and left to take a break from the stifling silence of her marriage.

And in the case of a separation, who, anyway, knows what the rules are? He's been told to get out, politely it's true, but get out all the same.