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West specializes in parenting, green living and career development as a regular contributor at Social

She has been featured on a variety of websites including a childhood favorite, Reading Rainbow.

But as it turns out: That doesn't protect everything. Dani Grant, a computer programmer who spotted this, thinks that Apple's approach to two-step verification is a half measure. But if someone cracks just your password, they can not only see i Messages, but also see your billing address and part of your credit card numbers.

Even if you turn on two-step verification, someone can still get in on another device by using just your password to see your i Message conversations and impersonate you on that chatting platform -- and also see what you bought on the App Store and i Tunes. "It is amazing how much access one can get," she said, pointing out what happens if someone breaks into a person's i Message.

No Further Text Used primarily on message boards after a catchy title which usually says all you really need to say, so in the text box you simply put nft, thereby implying you've got nothing further to say and it's great when your letting off steam.

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