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Once doctors know where to look, further evaluation can be done with other techniques.

One example is a combined PET and CT Scan (known as PET/CT), available in some centers.

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First, you are injected with a substance made up of sugar and a small amount of radioactive material.

Cancer cells tend to be more active than normal cells, and they absorb more of the radioactive sugar as a result.

PET scans can be useful for evaluating people after breast cancer has already been diagnosed, in a number of different ways: PET scans are available in only very few centers, and they are an expensive, sophisticated test that requires special expertise.

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Lactation consultant Shari Criso: Kim, so now that your baby has established breastfeeding, it's time for you to start pumping. Lactation consultant: It looks a little confusing, but trust me, as you get started, this is going to be very, very simple.