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I don’t get it.” I loved when the hunky actor pinched your ass after the orgy scene. It had a specific audience and that wasn’t enough to keep the show open. It had gotten to the point where everything was a little too precious. But you must realize from people’s reactions to you that you’re not exactly bad looking. That’s a first—like razor blades in apples,” Karl said, laughing. As playwright/actor Charles Busch noted on Facebook, “I had to roll my eyes when Minnie Castevet, now a beautiful, mysterious French woman, started putting Sapphic moves on Rosemary to show the audience how decadent and sinister she was.

They worked really hard to get some kind of show that was going to sell, and at the end it caved in. I don’t think I’m bad looking, but I certainly don’t think I’m the best looking. Zoe Saldana was lying there with her eyes closed, and the devil-worshipping older woman got all wet-lipped and zeroed into her like me when a two-pound lobster is delivered to the table.

Enjoyably joining them are newbies Ciara Renee (a taunting fembot as the Leading Player) and Annie Potts (adorable as the high-spinning granny who spouts wisdoms as she rotates). It’s not until he starts caring about someone else that he finds any glimmer of happiness. They reimagined songs from Broadway shows to tailor them for a gay audience and bring a new meaning to them. A BEEF-BEATING MUSICAL VEGANS WILL LOVE I caught up with another talented Broadway studpuppet, Andy Karl from Rocky The Musical, at the New York Theatre Worskhop’s Spring Gala at the Plaza last week.

And Arkansas-born Massey, 32, fits in beautifully as a sweet-voiced hero capable of balladeering, acrobatics, and, thankfully, taking his shirt off, culminating on an aerial swing dangling over flames as you gasp at the guy’s range. The message is to find your own happiness by making your own decisions, not from being pushed into anything. I sang Tuptim’s part in “I Have Dreamed” from The King and I. Karl—who’s Tony nominated for his fine work involving singing, dancing, and pugilism—told me he’s loving all the press, excitement, and people running up to offer him a handshake.

character is out and proud — but at a considerable cost.