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If your interested in blood bowl, only consider the PC version but better yet, seek out the board game!

• The Turn-Based Mode is a faithful 100% recreation of the board game.

• The game feels like an Xbox Live Arcade title masquerading as a Full Retail Release. • Online Leagues in the Xbox 360 Version have been Stripped out of the game.

Your stats, upgrades, and progressions do not carry over into other matches at all. Its essentially a “pause-able” turn-based mode, without turnovers – I liked the effort to Innovate but It wasn’t executed. • Poor Customization options for your team (only two team colors; blue and red – and you cant even choose! • Commentary gets annoying after the first hour of play, with no volume control and lacking video/audio options in pause menu.

Your experienced builder will be able to guide you with estimates based on your specific area.