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Aside from the obvious sites I would say go up to Piazzale Garibaldi one hour before sunset.After taking in the skyline, stroll down via Garibaldi to Trastevere, stopping to visit churches and sites along the way. There is a garden with eight clay courts and an ancient Roman mausoleum, Santa Costanza.There are many sites that offer chat rooms for kids under 13.

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As a child Brenda readi all the Italian and French fashion magazines she could get her hands on and dreamed of a future in high fashion.

After graduating from college, her dream came true in New York, where she first worked for Chanel , before moving on to become Vice President of the retail division at Vera Wang when Vera Wang was still unknown.

These are ones I have come up with myself, and ones I have scoured the internet for over the past few years.

There are a lot, so I have broken them down into sections as best as I can. I would say you need about 15 – 20 dares for a night. Feel free to add in more risqué ones if the Hen will appreciate them. ) Also, if you can, think of some personal ones, they really make an impact.

And that was intentional, creator Matthew Weiner said.