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The year before that, however, Australia’s was higher than the UK by 35,000 - despite a population two-thirds smaller. The more voters talk and think about immigration as a problem, the happier Ukip will be.

Having broken their promise to reduce net immigration to tens of thousands, the Conservatives should think twice before repeating it.

The phrase is used across the political spectrum, and when I heard it, my inner Aussie patriot instinctively stood a little taller.

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    Adding to the concern of trustees is the fact that, by its nature, the trust is designed to liquidate and distribute all of its assets.

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    Harnack points to use of always designates 'the Messiah', and is not a proper name for Jesus. The confident tone of Acts seems unlikely during the Neronian persecutions of Christians and the Jewish War with the Rome during the late 60s. The action ends very early in the 60s, yet the description in Acts 27 and 28 is written with a vivid immediacy.