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But, especially for men, SEX can be mostly a physical thing.

It's about a lot of things."I'm wondering if any of you FANTASIZE about sex with strangers. I don't know about you, but my day is far too busy to be taking up any of my precious time fantasizing about sex with a stranger." If you knew it would be 100% safe--physically and emotionally--would you? RELATIONSHIPS are about intimacy--getting to know your partner inside and out.

It CAN be that simple."Masturbation is much less complicated, not to mention 100% safe. And a woman who doesn't have sexual issues."Yeah, wouldn't it be nice if women just "spread 'em" for you anywhere and anytime your heart desired? The last thing anyone on these forums needs is someone judging their sexual proclivities.

Nope..think that they are WES......wanna be a casual stranger stranger? Doesn't have to be emotional, or spiritual, or anything but sharing the most wonderful physical stimulation. Sure would be nice to find a little truth somewhere. What you're doing is calling a spade a disgusting thing with no morals.

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