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Carmen tells her parents she wants to start dating, and she brings home a boy from her school for them to meet.

Everything about Jason seems to be perfect, except that he and Carmen don't want to go out in public together.

While George wants to give back to the Latino community where he grew up, he feels like he never lives up to their lofty expectations.

After working all through season one to get a residency show in Vegas, season two of finds George motivated to move on to bigger and better things. This season will also see George move on from dating here and there and toward a steadier relationship.

“We are running out,” he told Vulture during a phone interview. ”Lopez is the comedian’s third show since ABC cancelled George Lopez in 2007, the first Latino program to have a syndicated afterlife. You’re shooting some of it where you grew up in San Fernando. To be able to go back to the neighborhood and have some guys there that remind you of where you came from, and then you have scenes with the manager and the consultant telling you where you’re at now, I think it’s a great place to be stuck in the middle of. So they’re trying to change the vibe of it, get less sitcom-y and more into the single-camera thing.

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