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These meetings are held every year when there is not an international luminescence and electron spin resonance meeting (i.e. They are more informal than the international meetings and there is no specific publication associated with them.

D.) were possible provided ice in the Vale of York restricted outflow through the Kirkham Gap and ice from the North Sea Ice Lobe blocked the eastern end of the vale. D once the North Sea Ice Lobe retreated eastwards, leaving the lake dammed by the Filey moraine.

Once the Vale of York Ice Lobe had retreated northwards leaving the Kirkham gap ice free (Bateman et al., 2015), Lake Pickering levels would have been limited to around 45 m O. Further work using Li DAR digital terrain imagery, geological mapping and 3D geological modelling seeks to further constrain the evolution of Lake Pickering as well as its relationship to the dynamics of the northeast portion of the British Irish Ice Sheet during the last glaciation.

Previous research I have carried out has investigated cold-climate aeolian sediments and periglacial features to understand past glacial environments in Canada and NW Europe.

This has now been extended to looking at ice-marginal lakes and associated sediments to understand ice-dynamics of the last British and Irish Icesheet and its relationship to climate as part of the NERC funded BRITICE-CHRONO project.

Previous research was able to shown rerouting of proglacial Lake Aggassiz outburst floods through the Mc Kenzie Delta (Arctic Canada) may have caused the Younger Dryas event.