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Ira Breite to discuss the impact a cup of coffee has on your brain and your body. Ira sits down with author Mary Roach, who specializes in popular science and humor -- about her latest book, "Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War." Dr. Orthopedic doctors Dennis Cardone and Mike Alaia discuss the dangers of skateboarding—and how you can avoid them!Breite also answers listener questions on topics including reflux, stomach pain, and back pain. Virginia Sadock examines what it means, especially in a digital age where people can share intimacy with partners they’ve never met! They also discuss Rotator Cuff Repair and answer listener questions on bone and joint issues.

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Key Topic Areas Include: The Canadian Red Cross, Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross, history of the Red Cross, the aim and approach of Respect Education, Respect Educations programs and work in Canada and worldwide, creating safe environments, preventing bullying between youth, preventing teen dating violence, preventing child abuse and neglect, preventing workplace bullying. Key Topic Areas Include: Healthy boundaries, healthy communication skills including assertive communication, warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, conflict resolution skills, legal responsibilities around consent, personal safety planning, promoting healthy relationships at school and in the community For those who work with or care for children and youth, this course offers an in-depth look at emotional, physical and sexual abuse; neglect; and bullying.

This short information session provides parents and caregivers with high-level information about the philosophy of Be Safe! Learn to understand, respond to and prevent these kinds of violence so that you and/or your organization can create safe environments and protection for young people.

While we will do our best to answer your question, we are not able to respond to every inquiry.

Broadcast journalist and author Bob Arnot joins Dr.

Course Purpose: To have the knowledge and skills to understand and respond to violence against children and youth.