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The show continued, but it passed so quickly it was the end, they all started to sing All Time Low by The WANTED, Ceallach jumped off the stage with Tyger and ran around by the audience, waving getting us to jump and sing along. Audience: WOOOH Director: Cut, thank you for that Richard, Tyger, Georgia, Aidan, Cel an Di you can go to your dressing room now, kids let's go to your parents. Mum: Yep of course, let's go wait in the car, I don't know how long they will be. Aidan: Thank you I have to move on now, bye girls He gave us a quick hug and moved on.

We looked at eachother, I couldn't belive it, they knew I exsisted! Me: Hi Aidan can I please have a photograph with you? Becca LOVES Aidan so she asked for an autograph too, but so did I, I like colloecting them!

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We took our place at the back but we were a head taller than the others any way, then Ceallach, Tyger, Richard, Aidan, Dionne and Georgia walked on the stage!!

My stomach was in a knot as the cameras started to roll and they began to talk.

Me: Stuff being in the car I'm waiting right by the entrance and gonna be the first Cel talks to, I'll call you when they come out mum So I got out of the car, Claz, Becca and Emzy came, they wanted to be the first too.

I could feel the excitement and sadness building up inside me. I took one last look at Cel before we were lead through a door to a room containing our parents. We walked to the car but I could see everyone clumping around the entrance. And waiting, we had been standing there for 2 hours, the door moved a bit, Everyone huddled around again with me at the front. We didn't bother getting a photo with Georgia but I did pop in and get her autograph, but rushed away because Cel had just walked out...

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