Golden brooks dating

I am not beating black men or black women for dating or marrying out the race.

I would just like to find a solution to regain black love but we can’t and I think it is more reason because black men don’t try hard enough.

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If a black man is damaged by a couple of black women they take off to the next race.

However , black women we get knocked down time after time by black men and many of us try over and over with a black man. Just look at some of the comments made by black men who date outside thier race. So no, I'm not gonna hate on black women who find love and acceptance from another race.

Season 1, Episode 3September 25, 2000Toni resents Joan for not coming to her rescue during a brawl outside of a posh nightclub.

Season 1, Episode 4October 2, 2000Joan finds a date after she goes searching for men in cyberspace, but his unusual physique puts her open-mindedness to the test.

Jamie is upset over the end of his relationship with Fancy.