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Well if you’ve ever tried to switch from one App Store to another, you’ll have a pretty good idea.

If you need to change from one country’s i Tunes media or App Store to another, there are a few very important things you need to know about your existing purchases, apps and media.

This very helpful tip was sent in by a reader who discovered that mysterious i Tunes “Other” space was erroneously reporting a truly massive number, in this case 14GB taken up out of a 16GB capacity device…

this is clearly an error and if the problem is that significant it’s usually just a matter of forcing i Tunes to recalculate the i OS devices usage: Presumably this works because it forces the i OS device to recalculate the “Other” space, which is supposed to be relatively small at about 500MB-2GB, depending on overall device capacity.

your Desktop, Downloads folder or create a folder at ...\i Tunes\Scripts.