Drug expiration dating

Of these, only aspirin and amphetamine had deteriorated below generally recognized minimum acceptable potency.

One other, phenacetin, showed a concentration of less than 60% when tested in one medication, but 110% in another.

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(Download a printable PDF.) SLEP is a fee-for-service program.

Participating agencies are required to pay for the FDA’s periodic, comprehensive testing and analysis of the drugs and other medical materiel in the SLEP process. Products that pass testing are granted extended expiration dates but must undergo ongoing testing to monitor their continued shelf life.4 Products that fail testing at any time are destroyed.

Now if you take the nembutal out and mix it with something else at that point the ions would react causing it to degrade.

Even changing the container would decrease the shelf life because the original bottle is sterilized which might not be the case with a new water bottle that you intend to use.

For example, if the expiry date is January 2017, you shouldn't take the medicine after January 31 2017.