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So it was this psychological element that was intriguing. Radha Mitchell: Well, he has this amoral spirit, so to him, it’s just a game.

The genre always represents this almost magic possibility that anything can happen, and that is what I like about genre films. What's interesting, when I was researching this, I got caught up on You Tube with this schizophrenic girl and her parents, and the struggle they had raising her, because they were afraid of their child.

Brenner curtly summarized the motives for murder to Sunhill: The CID officers had 36 hours to investigate before the FBI entered the case with a task force, when the media would make the death "a goddamn circus." Brenner was cautioned by Fowler to do things "the Army way" - not "the right way or the wrong way." Soon, secrets about the daughter's dark sexual past were revealed.

A hidden room behind a false wall with a sliding door in her basement was found complete with a bed, condoms on a table, bondage paraphernalia (handcuffs, harnesses, a belt with a dildo on it, etc...) as well as a camera and videotapes.

She was featured in ESPN The Magazine and in Maxim.