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Aiken’s boy stripped down and bared (almost) all on Sunday at Splash Bar in NYC with fellow Broadway vet Robb Sherman.

Which it’s perfectly acceptable to do in that town, especially when it’s for charity.

Of which you’re encouraged to continue participating in: His swimsuit is now taking bids on e Bay.

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1) My Bible – because man cannot live by bread (or rice) alone.

2) My pillow – because it would be a super comfy piece of home and I perform better well rested.

There were countless secret meetings and phone calls, many aborted abruptly when Kelly showed up where she wasn't supposed to be.

It’s that time of year again where New York and Broadway are a buzz with the anticipation of one of the sexiest nights of the year – the annual Broadway Bares show and gala in support of Broadway Cares: Equity […] Another celebrity gay couple calls it quits – according to My Space (if you Reed into it).

By the time she met Reed, who she is older than by four years, Justine had completed two undergraduate degrees.