2 year dating anniversary cards

It strengthens the bond and enables one to experience the joy of being a part of the family.

Front: Our Love Has Been A Journey I couldn't have known when we first met that everything in my life before then had been leading me to you...

You really make a good foursome or if you are single, they never make you feel three's a crowd.

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Flowers and gifts mean a lot, but having been blessed with another year with my sweetheart is what truly touches my heart.

However, it’s very clear that showing up empty-handed to a wedding anniversary celebration is going to go over well.

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Since I’m running around like a crazy person for a photo shoot tonight (which by the way is so special and it’s going to be a m a z i n g ), I decided to revisit a post I wrote about the hubby and how we met. December: He comes home on leave and we get engaged. March: He graduates Basic Training and we get married. Although I had graduated college over a year ago, I still felt the need to act as though I never left.

But maybe this post will give you a little insight into our relationship and how My family had just moved to a new private lake community a city away from where I spent my whole life growing up.