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However, many people claim the opposite is true and say it is actually harder to meet someone when you are single in big cities like London, Hong Kong and Singapore for a number of reasons. Combined with the fact that many people are already married to their careers and there are so many distractions, lots of single Londoners blame the culture of the city, where everything moves quickly.

However, actually the opposite is true, at least for women, if you pay attention to the statistics.

Nationally, a higher proportion of single women aged 18-64 live in urban areas, at 99 per 100 men.

For women the two hotspots are in the city, where there is there are 155 men per 100 women in the City of London, and 126 men per 100 women in the borough of Newham.

“You are always thinking that there is someone better on the next swipe,” she says.

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