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Update: May, 2016: Click here to pre-order The Winds of Winter Update: November, 2015: There is a rumor that GRRM has completed The Winds of Winter and the first draft has been submitted to his publisher. Update: June, 2014: A site that we deeply respect, Five Thirty Eight has put out an interesting article explaining the various ways that one could try and predict the release date of The Winds of Winter. With The World of Ice and Fire scheduled to come out just before the holiday season this year, I’m feeling confident that The Winds of Winter will be released in October (maybe November), 2015.

The stars just seem to be aligning right for this one. Less promotional tours, less conferences, more writing.

“It’s wonderful to return as your hostess,” she said, “especially tonight, when I have the pleasure of introducing a great young star who has been in the business all of his life. After we got through hugging and kissing, they turned and said, “Mother, we want you to meet Diana Ross.” Diana, who happened to be visiting, approached me. “Your children have talked so much about you.” Then she hugged and kissed me, too.