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But what if you have an older dog that isn’t housebroken because she’s a rescue?

The rules for training adult dogs can be a bit different.

First and foremost, you want to determine two things: If you discover that the issue is related to either of those things, there are specific actions that you can take based on what’s actually causing the problem.

Your veterinarian can guide you for medical issues, and you may need to consult a canine professional if the soiling is connected to a behavioral problem. Also, please note that because of volume, we are unable to respond to individual comments, although we do watch them in order to learn what issues and questions are most common so that we can produce content that fulfills your needs.

Camera Plus (not to be confused with the more well-known and similarly named Camera ) has just rolled out a new feature called Air Snap, and it'll turn your i OS device into a remote control for shooting an image from someone else's phone.