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The survey of HR professionals was conducted between June 11 and July 9, 2015 by the market research firm Research Now for Domain. “This new research confirms that we are moving beyond the age of ‘be careful what you post’ and into an era of digital presence and savvy to differentiate yourself in the job market,” said Predrag Lesic, CEO of Domain. “The survey shows that, while recruiters continue to scan social posts for red flags, they view digital assets as tools to better understand candidates and to help them make more informed hiring decisions.” “The candidate who offers that content has an advantage in telling their personal story,” said Lesic.

Christian-specific dating websites offer people a way to explore the world of single Christians without leaving home.

Whether you're looking to meet and have fun with someone who shares similar values, or looking for a more serious commitment, a Christian dating website may help you make a connection.

If you are Christian and searching for love, you know that God will bring the right person into your life when the time is right.

This doesn’t mean that you need to wait around for this particular person to magically appear in your life.

Another participant explained this situation very well: “Church and now #relationshipgoals on social media can make one think that heartbreak, disappointment or just plain imperfection doesn’t exist in dating,” she said.