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It is as if they have a fuel tank that supplies the gasoline to a race-car engine... Here is the story of a 37-year-old love addict named Jake and a 35-year-old codependent named Melissa.

Melissa and Jake, like so many codependent/love addict relationships, were oblivious to their psychological afflictions.

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Having someone shape their whole life around you and cater to your every whim might sound great, at least in theory, but codependent relationships get unhealthy fast.

The word "codependent" gets thrown around a lot, but a lot of people don't even really know what it means, so I called up Dr.

They felt like "regular" people who just wanted the all-American dream of true love.

They were blind to their revolving-door dating pattern, which they simply dismissed as a phenomenon of the modern Internet age of romance.

For the love addict and codependent, Internet dating sites are the crack cocaine of romantic exploration.

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