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Head of Competition and Trade Practice Group in Geneva and Brussels. Represents clients before competition authorities in Switzerland and the EU.

According to the information kindly provided by Prof. Cameron, Department of Art and Art History, Oakland University (USA), the views of Portugal available from Lachenal & Favre were described in their catalogues dating from 1871 (views number 1 to 2347, skipping numbers 894 to 12 to 1500), 1872 (2350 to 2719, with numbers 894 to 925 infilled from the 1871 catalogue), 1874 (2720 to 3664), and 1891 (3665 to 6263, with numbers 1389 to 1465 infilled from the 1871 catalogue).

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Specializes in national, international M&A, private equity, capital market transactions, national and international reorganizations.

The ascent was all the more remarkable because the peak was explored, reconnoitered and climbed all within one season; and was climbed without the use of supplemental oxygen.