Dating notebook battery

Knowing how many charge cycles your battery has and how many are left can help you determine when a battery replacement is required.For best performance, replace your battery when you reach its maximum cycle count.

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The warranty on the replacement product will be a continuation of the original product's warranty and will only be valid from the date of the BTI's limited warranty shall be to solely repair or replace, at BTI option, the defective BTI product or any electronic device damaged by such BTI product, under normal consumer use.

Repair or replacement will be made, PROVIDED that you are the original owner of the product, have completed the Product Registration Form within 30 days from the date purchase, and you have contacted the BTI RMA department.

The advantage of Battery Log mode of Batteryinfoview is that you can visualize the battery drainage over time..

Generally, if you can get original replacement from laptop manufacturer, that would be the best.

It is recommended to get laptop replacement battery when the wear level threshold is within the range of 30-45% (And battery replacement can be done when battery wear level reaches 20-29% of battery wear level )Most of the laptop manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Acer, Toshiba will provide you extra diagnostic tools and you can go to the respective laptop manufacturer’s site and download these diagnostic tools.