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In a study for Match.com, anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher (whose three TED talks on the neuroscience of love have been watched 15 million times) found that 54% of women currently feel exhausted by modern dating.

As foster agency worker Yaa Osei-Asibey, 30, explains: “I’ve been on Tinder for a while now and my general cycle is constant swiping, finally making a match, some good banter and eventually, a meet-up.

They inevitably end up being an idiot so feeling crushed, I delete the app – then download it again a week later to start over.” Burnout is characterised by exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy and while we’ve become more adept at spotting and treating these symptoms in our working lives, we very rarely practise the same level of self-care when it comes to dating.

And with so many apps now available, each offering a sleekly designed slip-road onto the modern dating super-highway, it’s easy to feel fatigued.

The right man who is worthy of a relationship with you is out there!

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