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So I requested to join the RSD Inner Circle in San Diego four days ago... I'm 18 but have no idea if that's what the issue is or if no one just really hasn't seen the request can someone who knows how the request process works help me out?

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Those who don’t know what Keys to the VIP is, it’s a TV show where pick-up artists compete live to pick up women.

Cajun not only mopped the floor with the competition but was also declared the best by the judges in regard to his ability to attract women.

He received significant attention after a notable TV appearance in the "Keys to the VIP" live pick up contest which he won in early 2008.

He spent a lot of time developing body language, and with Vercetti was one of the main creators of Love Systems' Body Language seminar and the Beyond Words DVD product.

Derek "Cajun" comes from a small town on the East Coast of Canada (In the Acadian region). He has acted in a number of commercials such as those for a Pepsi viral campaign in 2006 named "Pepsi Access". Derek found the pick up artist community in 2005 while he was living in Toronto and was then introduced to Love Systems (then Mystery Method Corp.) through Tenmagnet. for the first time in October 2006, and was on the roster as a permanent instructor from early 2007.