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We realize this is a lot to look through, but we believe the journey is SO worth the information you will gain. You need to do what you can to overcome its effects.You will find Dr Laaser’s article among many that are available within this resource.

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But more recently, it has been included in a free electronic booklet (which you can read on line) and/or download in its pdf form, courtesy of the Baptist Network.

You will actually gain more important information by looking through this booklet than you would have by just reading the one article.

In fact, retired sexual crimes investigator Willie Draughon asserts that "females are more inclined to pursue the communication aspect of the subculture after their initial intro through visual porn.

Just as it does for men, Internet porn/cybersex becomes a "drug of choice" where women find pleasure, relief and escape (self-medication) from the pain, stress and realities of everyday life.

So, after 11 years in the making it was signed into law by then president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino on 11 September 2012 and finally got clearance from the Supreme Court on 18 February 2014.