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Since Silverlight applications run in a Web browser, it is apparent that an application server component must be present in a Silverlight application. NET for Silverlight has two primary ways to interact with an application server. All of your objects need to be marked with the Serializable attribute to enable mobile object functionality. NET for Silverlight property declaration looks like: As you notice, CSLA .

SWANS are a growing contingent amongst many young adult women and many confess that the dream of marriage seems like a distant glimmer slowly fading away. Whelan makes the case that smart, successful, and motivated women do get married—to men who marry them . As a former SWANS myself, let me offer some words of advice that I picked up along the way:1.

I have a class with the associated properties on it for the web form.

The rest of the fields work and submit data to the database except the textfield for the ajax calendar. Get Smart Date("Agenda Date") End With End Sub #End Region #Region "Properties" 'Define form field properies so that they can be used when adding the data to the database on the add button is pressed. Command Text = "Stored_Proc_Name" 'Create parameter for Agenda ID and output Dim o Param As New Sql Parameter o Param.

'They are required to be defined in the Agenda_Temp/ app code so we can use them within here.