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More tools will be developed to track users intentions and monetize them.If you own a site about horses and someone was thinking about buying a car a week ago while searching the net, your horse site may display car ads.[link] People used hundreds of computers and super computers to find the last record over the course of 5 years. Plentyoffish is built the same way, it requires a fraction of the infrastructure everyone else has, and its built on technology that can't be cloned and is 20-80 times faster then what every other dating site and social network has." "Adsense and YPN will be standard components of any business models.

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Almost everyone have heard about Plentyoffish dating site.

There was a big buzz about it (and its adsense money) on the different sites several time ago, so my first post and little investigation will be dedicated to Plentyoffish and its owner Markus Frind.

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Match Link is an online dating solution provided by Advanced Telecom Services for newspapers and radio stations.

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