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A better kitchen & dining area means a more welcoming stay for the moms and kids we serve.

The Lutheran Church is the oldest Protestant Christian tradition, dating back to the Protestant Reformation and the person of Martin Luther.

Lutherans are those Christians who choose to accept Martin Luther's teachings.

As a Lutheran congregation, we accept and teach the Bible-based teachings that Martin Luther restored in the Reformation. Sermons can be streamed online with your computer or mobile device. Read More The ECC provides a variety of spiritual, intellectual and social experiences while challenging each child to become a thoughtful and self-disciplined Christian.

Our core beliefs can be summarized by: Grace alone, Scripture alone, Faith alone & Christ alone. Click below to see what the ECC can offer your family.

For nearly 200 years, Lutheran seminaries in the United States have been educating pastors, missionaries and other church workers for service in congregations, social service agencies and other countries.