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Our analysis has highlighted the rapid and complex genomic response of the brain associated with sex change, which is subsequently transmitted to the gonads, identifying a large number of candidate genes, some well-known and some novel, involved in the process.The present study provides strong evidence of the importance of the sex steroidogenic machinery during sex change in clownfish, with the aromatase gene playing a central role, both in the brain and the gonad.

Sequential hermaphroditism is a unique reproductive strategy among teleosts that is displayed mainly in fish species living in the coral reef environment.

The reproductive biology of hermaphrodites has long been intriguing; however, very little is known about the molecular pathways underlying their sex change.

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Although the Dolly complex — one of Southeast Asia's largest prostitution rings — was supposed to close down on June 18, the main drag of the center is still filled with young women and pimps who have no plans to end their sex-work, the Associated Press reports.