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I served in a Latin America mission and I found most of the people got baptized to either please the missionaries, or they enjoyed the attention.

As a missionary I never doubted what I was told to do, but I hated baptizing people who I knew would never continue to attend church. We were told never to bring up blacks in the priesthood or polygamy in our discussions.

I am in the long slow process of leaving the church.

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How the 1950s era jacket ended up on a rack of used sport coats before it was bought for $5 in 1994 by an unnamed Canadian journalist is unknown.

Dominic Pedler, a British Golf International journalist, tracked down the buyer.

What you will do in Step 4 is very subtle, so make sure you do it right.

It will appear casual, unpremeditated and accidental rather than serious.

"It took some time to locate the fortune finder and make him an offer he couldn't refuse (he did); and several more months before I had a deal and a logistical plan to take safe possession of the plunder," Pedler wrote in an article.

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    In case Windows is not configured to automatically download the drivers, you will be required to approve the installation of the driver files.

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    The idea is simple: put a small group of like-minded singles together for a nice dinner or event, let them be real human beings, and the rest will take care of itself. And don't worry - each dinner or event has a host that will keep the conversation lively and the mood exciting.

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    Nastala je v romskem naselju Pušča pri Murski Soboti in je po ocenah poznavalcev trenutno najbolj avtentična ciganska akustična glasbena skupina v Sloveniji.

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    (CBS News) Two years ago, Chely Wright became the first major country music artist to reveal that she's gay.