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Given the origin of the images used in this tutorial, the transformation between tiles can be modeled as a pure translation to generate the mosaic (of a slice).The transformation between slices can also be modeled as pure translation.Amazing commercial lot - over 15 acres in size w/ available utilities.

Hi, I have a 85 GB CZI file (one out of a series of 40 files in the same folder) that I wanted to open with latest Fiji (updates from today, on Win7 x64 with 42GB RAM, Sun Java 7, -Xmx 12GB.

I tried: Plugins Bio-Formats Importer with options: - View with Hyperstack - Open files individually - Use virtual stack - all other options unchecked Fiji shows "Analyzing XXX" in the status bar, then nothing happens. About Bio-Formats says "5.0.7 built 3.2.2015 revision 274796b". I tried Fiji with the --debug option, but the command prompt console does not show any messages (to track down whats happening).

Performance: the alignment of the 140 slices (and their resizing) took around 20 minutes in a 8-CPUs Intel Core Duo at 3.4GHz, 32GB of RAM, running on Linux 64-bit.

Summary list of the birds of Fiji Pacificbirds Fiji bird checklist Avibase List of birds of Fiji Wikipedia Where do you want to go birding today?

NOTE: these values are usually a good choice, but they can be tuned when working with other types of images.