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While alliances and confederacies arose between the chiefdoms from time to time, the Timucua were never organized into a single political unit.The people suffered severely from the introduction of Eurasian infectious diseases, to which they had no immunity.Shannon was suspended from team activities in April of 2014 after news of the investigation broke.

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Hot Springs, AR is home to a National Park featuring Bathhouse Row, eight historic bathhouses and surrounding gardens along Central Avenue.

The city is famous for its healing waters, now offered in luxury spas, but also for its great museums such as the Gangster Museum, galleries, and amusement parks such as Funtrackers Family Park or Magic Cove.

It was the first piece of land in the United States to be designated for preservation, with its “reservation” status predating even the national park system.

Hot Springs National Park is the home of Hot Springs Mountain, which is part of the Ouachita Mountain chain.

The Bill Parcells quote is: “You are what your record says you are.” Bob Stoops retired yesterday after achieving real, genuine football greatness at Oklahoma.

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