Names to call a girl your dating

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Aoibhe: straight away, you get one of the most pleasant baby girl names 2014 with this Irish name. Blythe is a pinky girls name that radiates happy vibes while joining other light-hearted girl names like Hilary and Felicity.

Actress Drew Barrymore’s middle name is also Blythe. Caoimhe: we remain a bit longer in the United Kingdom and bring to you another lovely name.

Get a glimpse in the stylish baby names district and be one of the fashion conscious parents that don’t just follow the latest trends, they actually create them. Baby girl names 2014 include the concept of hip from every angle you look at them. The following baby girl names 2014 are fresh and come straight from the coolest sources one can possibly think of.

Baby girl names 2014 should be like a weekend retreat from a busy town. As truly trend setting baby names, they have the unique ability to transform any kind of bespoke into indisputable cuteness.

I know we got your attention, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty.