When to discuss dating exclusively

Whether it's to discuss dating exclusively or tackle the topic of marriage, figuring out the best time to have "The Talk" can be tricky, whatever the stage or your relationship.To shed some light on the topic, dating site Zoosk polled more than 5,000 of its users for their thoughts on the best times to have different potentially uncomfortable state-of-the-union conversations.To be clear, the wedding conversation Zoosk referred to was whether or not partners to get married, not what kind of flatware and flowers they were envisioning at the reception. Half of the men and women surveyed thought people should wait until after the first few weeks of dating to discuss previous relationships.

Dear John- I am a 30 year old single mom with a 2 year old. He was married for 14 years and is an AMAZING father. Dear John, I am a single mother living in New York City with a 5 year old. He lives in Long Island and was engaged one time 2 years ago.

I have been in nothing but Mommy mode for the past 2 years, going and on and off with my child’s father but I finally gave that up. He also is good to my daughter, although I have kept the contact minimal right now. He is reliable, affectionate and the best boyfriend I have had in a long time.

I also give a great solution for people who have already had sex with their partner, but still need to discuss being exclusive. I want to hear what has worked for you and what hasn't worked for you in your relationships.

And check out my book Dear John- My relationship with my boyfriend of 6 years now is like a fairy tale! I know i am young, but we talk about marriage and kids in the future.

The moment you become romantic or sexual with someone, there’s always a possibility for either one of you to get hurt.