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Luna, Rex and Agnes were ready Wednesday to put their best paw forward for their first time speed dating.

They were among seven adoptable dogs who were the main attraction at Doggy Dating, a new animal adoption event sponsored by the College of Du Page, the Animal Rescue Foundation and the Naperville Area Humane Society.

After noticing a recent Facebook post he made about a less-than-ideal date he recently had, I talked with him a bit about his experience with online dating."For the past few years I've been in a committed relationship and haven't been out there, so I don't really have a social life anymore," Kulczak said.

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"We didn't bring just the most beautiful dogs in the world; we brought a cross-section of what rescue is," Persenaire said.

"Anything that can allow a sense of empathy to develop in people, young or old, is a good thing." The Doggy Dating event took shape from an assignment in College of Du Page Assistant Professor Sandy Fries' journalism and mass communications class.

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